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Pool/Pavilion Rules for General Access

Our neighborhood Pool/Pavilion is private to Rushbrooke and open to all HOA Members in good standing. It is NOT open to other neighborhoods for membership.
Our PAVILION is open from April 15 through November 15 for private parties; our POOL/PAVILION opens to all Members in good standing the Saturday before Memorial Day and closes the Tuesday following Labor Day. 
HOURS: Monday, 6 PM – 9 PM, Tuesday through Sunday, 9 AM – 9 PM. Closed Mondays until 6 PM for cleaning/chemical exchange. Do not use the pool following cleaning/chemical exchange as skin irritation and/or other related illnesses can result; any such reactions are not the responsibility of the Rushbrooke HOA.
Our neighborhood Pool/Pavilion is private to Rushbrooke and open to all HOA Members in good standing. It is NOT open to other neighborhoods for membership.
GUESTS: HOA Members may have up to six (6) guests per household at the Pool/Pavilion without making a reservation. Guests must be accompanied at all times while at the Pool/Pavilion (see Member Supervision below).
MEMBER SUPERVISION - All children under the age of 14 and Member-guests (regardless of age) must be accompanied at all times by an Adult HOA Member in good standing. Adult HOA Member is defined as one of the owners or lessees of property within Rushbrooke South or Rushbrooke North or other individual who currently resides with such owners or lessees and is at least 18 years of age.
PARTIES: The Pool/Pavilion is open to HOA Members in good standing for non-private or private parties, however to ensure availability for use by HOA Members when most are home, parties are only allowed Monday through Thursday. Please see the RESERVATIONS section of the website for further details or to make a reservation.
  • Lifeguard – No Lifeguard is on duty. HOA Members and Member-guests swim at their own risk and should take appropriate safety precautions. By entering and using the pool and associated facilities, you choose to do so at your own risk. Our HOA, its Board Members, Lionheart Association Management, Hopp In Pools and other related entities are not liable for any damages
  • Identification and Access - HOA Members must have their working access card with them while at the Pool/Pavilion and present that card if asked by another Member. Members may not loan their access card to another Member or open the gate for anyone except their own family and guests. 
  • Personal Property – HOA Members and guests are responsible for any personal property brought on premises.
  • Weather – In the event of lightning or thunder, everyone must exit the pool immediately. Pool activities should remain suspended until thirty minutes after the last thunder is heard. Lightning can strike from 5 to 8 miles away.
  • Food, drink, glass and smoking – No food or drinks are allowed in the pool. No glass containers or smoking is allowed on premises. 
  • Behavior - No diving, running or horseplay, or profanity is allowed. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed on premises.
  • Showering, dress/attire - All persons should shower before entering the pool. Children not yet potty-trained must wear waterproof diapers. Proper swimwear must be worn in the pool.
Open wounds and other - Persons with open wounds or bandages, or symptoms of communicable diseases, are not allowed in the pool. 
TRESPASSING: If an HOA Member suspects someone may be trespassing or is using the pool after hours, contact any board member or the Broken Arrow Police non-emergency number (918-259-8400). 
NOTE: A card reader has been installed on the front gates of the pool area for easy, secured access. One (1) access card is issued per HOA Member household; replacement cards are $35. Contact Lionheart Association Management at 918-401-0332 or by email to to register and receive your access card or request a replacement. 
In accordance with our HOA bylaws, HOA Member privileges, extending to residents of an entire household, may be revoked for any neighborhood amenity should a Member not be in good standing due to failure to comply with neighborhood rules or covenants and/or non-payment of Member Dues.
In accordance with recently updated guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), individuals who have been fully vaccinated may resume outdoor activities without masking, however we recommend that if you have not been vaccinated, you continue to mask for your protection and the protection of others. As always, please practice good hygiene:
  • It is the responsibility of homeowners and guests who use the facility to wipe down picnic tables, lounge chairs, handrails, faucets, door handles and other commonly touched surfaces prior and after use.  
  • While the pool maintenance company will try to clean bathrooms once daily, we encourage all who use the facilities to clean and wipe down surfaces after use.  We appreciate your help during these trying times.
  • Those visiting the Pool/Pavilion are encouraged to wash their hands often and cover their coughs and sneezes.  Stay home if you are not feeling well.  
  • While regular paper towels, hand soap and touch-less trash cans will be provided, please bring your own hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes.